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Panther City Lodge Was Chartered By The Grand Lodge Of Texas December 9, 1921.  The Lodge originally met in a Downtown location and at one time hosted another of the newer lodges, W.W. Peavy Lodge #1162 which  became Cooke-Peavy Lodge in the 1950's.

Panther City Lodge has been the home of numerous Masons who are well known locally and statewide.  It is the home of Past Grand Master of Masons in Texas, J.D. Tomme; the Charter Master, H. Malvern Marks was a significant worker not only in Craft Masonry but also the DeMolay.  Recently, Panther City is the  home lodge of the most appointed Grand Officer in Texas History,  the late Michie M. Brous.  Michie served 13 times as the Grand Organist for the Grand Lodge of Texas and15 years as Grand Organist for the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch of Texas and 15 years as Grand Organist for the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, Michie passed from this life in January 2014 and in his honor no Musician has been appointed lodge Musician to take his place. Past Master Jerral Knox is a Past Grand Commander of The Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Texas

The list of members of Panther City who have been selected to serve the Grand Lodge as either District Deputy Grand Masters, Committee Members or in other roles is almost too long to list.  Panther City Members routinely are called upon to serve one of the many Grand Bodies of Texas Masonry. Past Masters of Panther City have served as Officers of the Masters, Warderns and Secretraies Association, the Fort Worth Masonic Service Bureau and other and organizations and positions including Grand Lodge Officers, Grand Lodge Commmittees.  Past Masters John A Hughes, Eugene D. Kolvig, Jimmy Conner, Bruce W. Hammond, Moe Rameh, Randal Moore and members David L Kisselburg and Sam Gibbons were/are District Deputies Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Past Master John A Hughes is Attendant General of the Red Cross of Constatine.. Past Master Jimmy Conner is the current President of the Masonic Service Bureau. Past Master Bruce W Hammond is an Associate Editor of Texas Freemason magazine.

In the recent years Panther City has seen a large influx of members who have become very active in the Moslah Shrine Temple.  These include the Potentates, Illustrious Sirs Jeff Barcafar, Moe Rameh, Richard P. Evans, Patrick Bobbitt, and Michael Wallach; Eugene D. Kolvig and Moe Rameh, Past Presidents of the Moslah Oriental Band, the Bedhouins,   The Members of Panther City work hard collecting money on street corners and store fronts, IHOP Pancake Days and the Shrine Circus. The Moslah Shrine Mystic Wheels is dominated by Panther City members along with the Moslah Solid Gold Patrol.

In York Rite Masonry, there are several Panther City members who are officers of local Chapters and Councils, Commanderies and York Rite Associations and Colleges.  Our  Past Masters, John A. Hughes, Bruce Hammond and Past Secretary David L. Kisselburg have all served as Presiding officers and Grand York Rite Officers. John A Hughes is a Junior Past Deputy Grand Governor for the York RIte Soveriegn College of America. Brother John Hughes is the current Grand Treasurer for both the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas and the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas.
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